My name is Jacob Qualls

Originating from South Carolina,
Jacob Qualls’ story started with the release of the iPhone 3, his porch, a thunderstorm and a rarely captured bolt of lightning. That day eveything changed. If a camera phone could do that, what could be done with a real camera?! Thus, a Nikon for Christmas grew into an obsession with concert photography. The many Nikons then turned into Canons, and a profession following touring bands like Third Eye Blind, Thomas Rhett, and Lewis Brice further blossomed.

But Jacob’s true calling emerged with an invitation to shoot a swoop of Wood Storks by conservation photographer and friend, Daniel Riddle. That day at Iris Gardens, his conservation story began the minute he photographed a Juvenile Wood Stork feeding on a plastic soda cup lid. That was when Jacob began his crusade against plastic in our waterways, shooting the outrages of our plastic planet and its many watery examples. His work has been published by the Professional Photographers of America, SCELP, Berkeley Outdoors, The Sumter Item, and Visit Smokies, to name only a few.

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